Press/ Feedback

This is a strikingly good record that, because of its style will only ever appeal to the cult market, but the cult market will always have more integrity and pride than the mass-market ever will. [8.5]

Will Stone - Terrorizer(Jul, 2008)



A handful of folks we trust are proclaiming this their record of the year. And we can see why. In a nutshell, imagine sweeping post rock epics, merged with crumbling distorted blissed out metalgaze, but now lace the whole thing with skittery programmed rhythms, bursts of stuttery jungle, stretches of shuffling downtempo grooves, it's pretty fucking great.

- Aquarius Records (Sep 5, 2008)



Highly recommended to anyone who likes any version of instrumental or atmospheric music [8.7]



Fully-formed yet potentially endless.



An intelligent, atmospheric listen that leaves you wanting a lot more [4/5]

Kev - The Beat Surrender (Sep 4, 2007)



Indescribable, but definitely not nondescript. [7]

Barry Smethurst - The Silent Ballet (Jul 30, 2007)



The songs might not be much to harp on about. [3/5]



Evokes the darkest shades of emotion into each and every morsel of its being. [3/5]